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August is Happiness Happens Month! Join in the celebration!

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You’ve most likely been invited by a friend who wants to give you a smile. Dog Caption Cards will do that. (Aren't you grinning already?)

Your friend is probably active in animal rescue and wants to give you and your friends a ton of smiles AND raise money for their shelter. Dog Captions Cards will do that, too. (A minimum of 25% of every sale is a fundraiser for dog and cat rescue organizations.)

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  Comical friendship, encouragement and special occasion card packs make friends happy!


Dog Captions


Of course, your friend could simply be in matchmaker mode ...

Maybe they want to help you reconnect with your two footed friends. Dog Caption Cards high-quality “Fun Mail” make it is easy to show friends you care and spark phone calls, coffee dates and hot cocoa pajama heart to hearts.

Or, maybe they want to inspire a new four-footed friendship ...

Every card includes vital information you may need to find that special pal, identify fun volunteer opportunities and share the health benefits of pet ownership with your significant others.

Dog Captions Cards will do all that but beware ... smiles, laughter and happiness are contagious. Can you dig it?!


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Funny Dog Caption Cards
make any and everyday special for you and your friends. Click here to view our motley packs and to place your order today!

Psst. For information about the DogCaption Cards Affiliate Fund-Raising Program, and "how to" join your shelter's "team,"  click here.

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